JayBird Gear BlueBuds X Storm

Have you ever wondered how much technology can be crammed into a device not much thicker than a strand of wire? Take a look at JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth for an answer. These petite headphones offer the moon, and deliver it in style. Everything about these is so impressive that it all makes up for the exorbitant price. Practically all the best of listening technology is here, inside the thin cord that wraps around your neck to deliver the most amazing sound to your ears.
The sheer elegance of design is the very first thing that draws an onlooker’s attention. The smooth charcoal black cord and the suave white controller contrast each other into a soothing appearance. The nature inspired design of the ear buds is not only heavily attractive, it also keeps the weight low, making it more comfortable to wear. A tasteful JayBird logo finishes the fashionable mien aptly.

Just as you are admiring the aesthetics, the technical features begin to strike you. The marathon battery capacity of 8 hours is something of a revolution in wireless headphones and implies nearly a week worth of workouts on a single charge. Add in the three more design features and you have the complete exercise package – the “X-Fit” system which gives you two options to use the headphones (either as the standard way or as a over-ear headphones) , the sweat proof construction that guarantees your pair against any sweat induced damage for a lifetime, and the “Signal Plus” technology which boosts the wireless power so that no matter where you place your music device (or smartphone), your headphone always play the sound you desire without any skipping. Another improvisation to ensure jitter free audio is the customized Bluetooth implementation, branded as “Shift Bluetooth”, which not only eases the process of connection to the music player but also limits the packet loss, leading to better quality of audio. As if this much wasn’t sufficient, the manufacturer also implements a nanotech called “Liquipel” that serves to repeal all moisture including water and sweat, providing additional protection to your purchase.
What would technology be without a little fancifulness? The BlueBuds extend their already impressive portfolio of advancements with “Jenna”, the voice prompt service. Simply use your voice to handle the device, without any need for your hands. Then there is the patented “Secure Fit” – ear cushions that make use of the contours of your ear to keep the sound device securely in place, even as you perform the most thrilling of the dances. For this purpose, three ear cushions of different sizes are provided, catering to ears of all sizes.
The technical jargon should not confuse the avid audiophile about the core competence of this beauty – the studio level sound quality your eardrums get to relish. The company claims that every part has been carefully designed and it’s composing materials carefully chosen to realize the same sound reproduction as the recording studio intended. Truly, besides the convenience and comfort, the deep bass and the crystal clear vocal frequencies make this little beast worth the $150+ price tag.

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