Sennheiser HD 598 Headphone

You’ll find very few products in the market that look as amazing as they perform. The Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphone is one of these beauties that shall sweep you off your feet, first with its sports sedan inspired beige leatherette and Burl wood construction, and then with its audiophile-level sound.

The prospective buyer shall instantly be attracted to the aesthetics of this sound machine even if gazing from a distance. The suaveness of the colors and richness of the feel of leather make it a joy to hold and impart a distinctive classic look to it. The solid metal mesh makes it appear very solid and yet it remains surprisingly comfortable to wear, partly because of the soft cushioning and the well designed ergonomics. The earpads are fashioned out of a velvety fabric called Velour, that is claimed by the manufacturer to block outside noise very effectively.

This marvel of sound engineering boasts of a bevy of features under its luxurious exteriors. Sporting a frequency response range of 12 Hz – 38.5 KHz, it delivers a class leading 112dB/mW sensitivity (as measured at a frequency of 1KHz). This implies that even devices with a lower than average output power would be able to please your ears, though the extraordinary frequency response only means you can put this headphone on your dog too so he can enjoy some ultrasonic music! Jokes apart, the device is powered by Neodymium magnets, which are the strongest of all permanent magnets known to man today and ensure the highest amount of power delivery to the sound coil which enables the high sensitivity stated above.


These circum-aural headphones utilize a Duofol diaphragm held in place with cellulose fleece that apparently keeps the distortion very low. Even the connecting cable is engineered with care, as its made from oxygen free copper that minimizes noise introduction and is sufficiently long at 10 feet. The 3.5 mm jack is a world standard so you will never have any problem plugging it into any sound player whatsoever. It also incorporates a surround deflector that heightens the spatial nature of sound. Another nifty little feature is the detachable cord, which means better travel management and no worries about cord damage too as it can be readily replaced.

This product has garnered quite a following across the globe already, which partially has to do with the branding of a highly respected name in the field. And it shall not disappoint, for the sound quality is just as you would expect. The highs are terrific and the vocals crystal clear. Users extol the tight bass though note the less than earth shattering sub bass, but that shouldn’t bother a majority of the audiophiles out there. The only point of concern could be that these are open ear headphones and hence the one sitting next to you would hear your music too. But then, who wouldn’t like to when the sound quality is so good.

All in all its a complete package in terms of plush exteriors that cut no corners on listener comfort and precision engineered sound mechanisms that are guaranteed to transport you into another world. Anything better than this would cost you at least twice as much, and that makes this pricey US $150+ sound blaster worth every penny you spend.


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