Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Headphones

The ATH-M20x headphones manufactured by Audio-Technica are not just any headphones that you buy to listen to music with your phone. These are professional headphones made for those who either have a career in the music industry, or at least understand what a good sound is like. The accurate and high quality listening experience they deliver makes them ideal for mixing and tracking. The material used to make these headphones is both durable and comfortable. The M-series headphones are the crown jewel of Audio-Technica and have been a favorite worldwide for its enhanced audio and excellent isolation.

The headphones are designed with an advanced build quality and engineering keeping studio mixing and tracking in mind. The 40 mm wide drivers, that use earth magnets (Neodymium) and aluminum voice coils, which is copper clad, produce a sound with mind-blowing accuracy. The sound is an exact replica of the original. The design of the ear cups is such that it covers the whole ear and provides an excellent isolation. Even in noisy environments, the unwanted noises will not ruin your experience. It is specially tuned for enhanced low frequency performance. The headphones have a single side cable exit, which is very convenient for the user. In addition, the ear cups of the headphones can be twisted to face outwards, making it very convenient for professionals like disc jockeys.

Frequency response of the headphones is from 15 Hz to 20 KHz. Maximum input power is just 700mW at 1 KHz. Headphone’s sensitivity is 96 dB, impedance is 47 ohms and the weight (excluding the cable) is just 190 gm. Length of the cable is 3 meters. By default, it has 3.5 mm audio jack, the most common among mobile phones and music systems, but it comes with a 6.3 mm snap-on adapter so the professionals can easily use it. With the headphones, you would get a very descriptive manual in which you will find everything you could ever want to know about it.

Everything in this headphone is designed to provide the best sound quality there can be with no compromise in comfort, so there are no problems in using them for long hours in the studio. The rare magnets that are used to make a 40 mm driver have made it possible to recreate every detail in the sound with proper clarity. You will not need to increase the volume to hear the dim sounds within the music. However, if you do increase the volume, it would have no harmful effects on your ears.

These headphones have been designed and manufactured, keeping in the mind the needs of music professionals. The quality, comfort, durability and convenience are all to meet professional standards not just the electronics and speakers, even the shape and structure has been designed to provide an accurate sound. Nevertheless, if a music enthusiast uses these headphones, he/she should be ready to be amazed. This type of sound clarity and quality is not a regular experience.

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