Audio Technica AUD ATHWS55BRD Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones

The Audio Technica AUD ATHWS55BRD Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones offers an amazingly textured and full bass. It also boasts of the great fidelity and clarity for which the Japanese company is well known. Audio-Technica’s complex driver technology and high quality components are combined to yield an unrivalled power handling, which ensures the stability of sound clarity throughout their wide range of products. The headphones spot 40 mm drivers. These are effective for a great sound quality and efficient signal transfer. WS55BRD is the red version.
The great features that define this headphone,
• 40mm drivers for powerful sounds.
• Solid Bass System incorporated with double air chamber for a truer, deeper and richer bass experience.
• Foldable – for easy storage and handling.
• Variety of colors – black and red.
• Oval ear pads are acoustically sealed to limit the leakage of sound.
• Comfortable fit made possible by the adjustable headband sliders.

On the sound department, there is a very responsive bass, which though booms, still does not overpower other sound elements. These sets feature some of the most controlled and detailed bass you would ever wish for, especially when you consider this is a bass-based headphone. Even when you use a bass boost equalizer with this headphone, you will still get a good undistorted bass reproduction of your music even at maximum volume. The mid and low tones are okay. Even if these do not bother you, you should be conscious of them because these two are necessary for a good balance in sound. However, as the gadget is designed and enhanced for solid bass reproduction, these other tones are minimally represented, just enough to balance the sound.
Putting these headphones on for the first time would blow you away. Electronic music (DnB, atmospheric, dub step and electro) are perfectly reproduced.I should note that the treble is amazing – very lively, energetic, crisp, sparkly etc., unlike some other headphones, this is not harsh.
Physically, despite the absence of cushion at the top, they surprisingly fit well on the ears. Depending on the size of your ear, these go either on, or over your ear. The weight is light because of the minimal padding/cushioning incorporated. Due to the snug fitting this headphones offer, sound leakage is greatly reduced. Even at very high volumes, it takes a completely quiet room for someone next to you to hear the whispers of bass. The metal headband gives the set a great build quality – sturdy and rugged.
The back of the cups are made of good quality aluminum with the Audio-Technica unique logo proudly standing out. These headphones are excellent for portable use. The featured swiveling cups permit you to turn the cup so that you can listen to people talking on either side of you. Trust me, you will find this feature very useful.
If you always listen to music, and want a headphone that will deliver crisp and clean sound, with a heavy bass overlay, then go for the Audio Technica ATH WS55BRD Solid Bass over ear headphones. You will not regret it.

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