Bose OE2i Audio Headphones

The very first thing you notice with this headphone is the lightweight. It is touted as having the lightest weight among all headphones in the market. With a weight of only 4.94 oz which is 0.14 kilograms, wearing them might sometimes make questions like “where is that good quality music coming from?” appear, because sometimes you will forget that you are wearing them. Speaking about comfort it is important to mention that Bose OE2 headphones are one of the most comfortable.
Since these headphones are ear-cup (over the ear) model type, it is important to pay significant detail to its design. The headphones are lighter now than before and the design shows promising quality and pleasure. A great improvement of style and build can be seen in the selection of long-lasting materials to ensure a continuous quality, enjoyment and performance.

These particular next generation of Bose on-ear headphones are black in color, which makes them look simple yet at the same time classy, cool and real. Just like all magnificent things – it is just simple, and it is hard not to agree with the statement because once you have tried them on, it is hard to let go. Nevertheless, unlike most of today’s headphones, Bose OE2 chooses to stick with quality instead of popularity considering several aspects of the model.
Treble is a little subdued, the mid-tones are pronounced and strong, and the bass is simply out of this world. This is a must-try experience. You do not need to increase the volume to enjoy the full richness of the music. There is a great depth and clarity that the headphone offers users.
It ensures a realistic audio quality, which is probably the attractive feature that makes the Bose OE2 model stand out from its competitors. From observation, this piece of marvel is mostly attracted to the age group of 15 years to 35 years old. That notwithstanding, the usage and acceptability cut across other age groups. Comparatively, considering the high quality, they are not that expensive. Every detail required to make this a treasure to behold was well taken care of to compensate for the price. Other headphones of similar price are of low quality, and those of the same quality are more expensive.
To sum up, I would like to make my final verdict for the Bose OE2 audio headphones. Comparing the different headphones of similar price, Bose stands out for its comfort and keeps up with premium quality at a fair price. Before I have tried Bose OE2 I had other headphones, which were also over the ear model type, and I could only listen to music with them for about an hour. This is because I would start feeling pain on my ears. Therefore, in the end, without the comfort there is no music at all. In my opinion both quality and comfort is important while listening to the music and that is what Bose OE2 has come to achieve.

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