Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

The industry leading noise cancellation headphones are back, bettered by their creators themselves in to an equipment that outperforms all other competitors in the departments where its strength lies. The Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones are a pair of the finest quality of engineering, and command an equally substantial price too. If you are interested in knowing why they retain that status, read ahead.
The QuietComfort 25 are quite loud for such compact audio devices. They also sound great and you shall discover that your music is finely balanced, though the bass is quite hard which would please a significant number of people. They do require a burn in period of somewhere around 100 hours before achieving their best output, so do not expect to hear the heavens straightaway. Be warned that if you wish to actually feel all of the music, you definitely need a good quality source too and those low quality MP3 are unlikely to cut it.

The spotlight would naturally be on the noise cancellation abilities of the QuietComfort 25 and they deliver the goods with aplomb. Whether it be a noisy airplane cabin or the din of the subway, simply put these on and hear the rest of the sounds fade away quickly. An AAA battery powers this feature and Bose claims it lasts for about 30 hours of continuous usage, which is a rather good performance. In case you run out of juice to power it, the QuietComfort 25 may simply be used as wired headphones too.
The fit is around the ear type and ultra comfortable. This can be attributed to the light weight and low clamping force of the design and as a result they are more flexible than their predecessors and have less tendency to get hot after some use. They also make enough room for people with a wider than average skull. You can go wearing them for hours without realizing that you have something on.
The “ControlTalk” feature promulgated by Apple has been incorporated here and you may utilize the control module built on the cord to change audio tracks, volume and achieve a few other functions. A microphone is also included that can be used to handle voice calls on just about any platform, Android included. The module itself is sleek and intuitive to use and you would not need to pay any attention to it while using and can continue whatever you are doing without distraction. The mechanical construction is great here and allows the QuietComfort 25 to fold in to a very compact shape and hence reduce the storage space required in your travel bag. A pouch comes with your purchase and holds the headphones quite well.
To sum it up, the QuietComfort 25 are a great audio equipment inheriting an established lineage. They improve upon it by adding a little bit to the legendary noise cancellation capabilities and making themselves even more comfortable to wear. At $300, they are an expensive lot, but for those with deep pockets are a great choice.

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