Omni By JLab Premium Folding Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Music always had a very deep connection with the minds of human beings. It has always expressed different colors of human nature, behavior and emotions. It has been a medium of connection between human hearts. This is one reason that human beings have always tried to find way to bring music closer to him, and easier to avail music anywhere one wants. This problem was solved in many ways as technology evolved and in the latest portable way; headphone has solved this problem for mankind. In 21 st century, headphones have become a multitasker. Apart from being an electronic device used for listening to music, playing games, it has become a daily use basic accessory for human beings. The reason is quite simple;it’s huge ability to serve multi purposes and can be used with a number of electronic products like laptop, iPod, smart phones, tablets etc. Many now use it as a connection medium via Bluetooth operation and one can use the headphone while driving , doing any other job. In professional field as well, Bluetooth enabled headphones have made a good place as used frequently in air traffic control panel, investigation department and many more.

One such wonderful Bluetooth enabled wireless headphone is brought to you by Omni, the new Omni By JLab Premium Folding Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone. The headphone is not an ordinary Bluetooth wireless headphone but a special gadget of its kind. It has been made with a view to set standards regarding comfort, style and sound quality as it gives the pleasure of home theatre when you put on your favourite numbers using this.

The outlook of this fabulous headphone is awesome as it is crafted in a black genuine leather body and light metal adjustable screws for better fit with leather cushioned headband. It has been designed to give a professional and crafty look…getting into technicalities, the headphones are enbled with C3 , i.e, crystal clear clarity technology to deliver a clean , crisp and dynamic sound with a pumping bass through pristine high performance with a 40 mm driver installed in it. Designed with premium metals, the headphones are enabled with eco leathery full embracing cloud foam cushion which guarantees endless comfort even when you put on your headphones for long hours. With OmniByJLabPremiumFoldingBluetoothWirelessOver-EarHeadphones, you can free your music from cumbersome wires with the magic of Bluetooth which stream from up to 30 m away or plug in with the included aux flat cable. Oncerecharged fully, the device is active for 15 hours nonstop. Now you can share your music with another headphone or plug in to your car or home theatre via the in/out aux cable. Featuring Led light and brushed metal finish, the headphone is a sheer class in itself and is enabled with best of the features.

All these extraordinary features comes with a pair of mic all packed into a wonderfully designed layer bag, and a must buy whenever you feel you are a true music lover.

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