Sony MDR-ZX750DC Wireless Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones W’ Case

There are only a handful of products available that offer such a great blend of functionalities that you wouldn’t care whether they look in tune with times or not. The Sony MDR-ZX750DC is one of these precision engineered sound machines and they deliver every bit they promise.
They may not be the best looking headphones out there but they do not look unbearable either, with the jet black version imparting a refined look that would be acceptable in almost all kinds of gatherings. The faux pas leather headband makes for an authentic appearance that is also quite comfortable as it is adequately padded. The ear cups are made of the same material and supplement the grace of the black color. The ear cup cover is a glossy black and the embossed logo is charming.
The 750DC incorporate an array of features, ranging from those aimed at enhancing convenience to bettering your audio experience. There is the Bluetooth 2 integration that does away with the hassles of wires, while ensuring skip free music. The wireless functionality is complemented by placement of a microphone in the unit so that the user can make or receive calls, and hence you can simply pair these headphones with your phone, using it as a music player too. The NFC (Near Field Communication) support is one benefit you may not find yourself using a lot, but as more and more manufacturers include the same in their deices, it may become very useful in future. Essentially, NFC allows two NFC enabled devices to communicate with each other while in proximity to the tune of ten centimeters or less, and it can be used here to automatically pair your phone and headphones.

The crown jewel of this audio machine is its active noise cancellation capability. Just a press of the NC button and you can silence any noise around you, leaving you to revel in the music produced by the 40 mm drivers. A built-in battery powers this features, reducing the size and weight of the product. The noise cancellation circuit turns off automatically after five minutes of no use, so you don’t have to worry about draining batteries, which anyways have a good running time of about 13 hours on a full charge that takes about three hours.
The sound quality is, as you would expect, astounding. The large drivers produce a deep base which is rounded off by great vocals. The quality doesn’t deteriorate even at the maximum volume, indicating great engineering. The only spoilsport here could be the not-so-comfortable design, owing to the on-the-ear construction which may limit length if usage for some people. However, the in-built AAC codec support and superb quality of microphone do make up for it somewhat.
Overall these are a great pair of headphones for the $150+ that they command. The at least 98% ambient noise reduction and quick wireless connectivity is a great match to the expectedly amazing sound quality. If you can withstand the slight discomfort (or do not experience any) after prolonged use or only need to use them for short spans of time then no other pair come close to the Sony MDR-ZX750DC.

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