Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250

Beyerdynamic has managed to produce another ethereal beauty that performs as sweetly as it looks. The DT990 are a pair of open ear headphones that sport a very high quality of construction from both, the wearer’s comfort point of view as well as the reproduction of sound viewpoint and the level of attention paid towards these two can be conveniently summarized by stating that the DT990 are made in Germany.
The very first thing that attracts your attention is the velvety texture of the Velour ear pads. The silverish grey color promulgates a certain swankiness about them. Only later you learn that this material also makes them plush to wear too. The black exteriors are made of synthetic leather, a standard material for such sound machines, and essentially encases a steel headband structure that promises years of rugged use. The black grilled ear pad cover also houses a contrasting logo which looks very professional. A “Made in Germany” motif engraved on the inside of the headband completes this look. It’s a very well rounded appearance and function wise, the only thing missing here is a detachable cord. However, the firm offers a part replacement policy and hence changing worn out ear pads shouldn’t be a concern at all.

The sound quality is uncompromising to say the least. You can expect a deep bass from this headphone and very detailed upper notes. The mid too isn’t dull either and the vocals sound life like and all this is made possible in part by the very light weight construction of the diaphragm that results in more sound output per unit power input. Some audiophiles may gripe about the response curve not being completely flat, and though it’s true, it does infuse a certain characteristic to every track, and the end result is always something that your ears would love. It’s definitely a really great piece of equipment to use for everyday music or just watching a movie.
It must be kept in mind that these are open air headphones and hence will definitely leak a little of the sound. So while they may not be most suitable for use in a library, they also tend to be more comfortable. The 250 ohm coil requires the use of an amplifier to perform properly and merely plugging it into an ordinary music player just doesn’t do this marvel any justice. The sound cable itself is coiled and most users would appreciate the hassle free use that it brings in. As expected, the earphone jack is gold plated and ensures the highest fidelity possible.
These are an extraordinary pair of headphones that are sure to leave you spellbound with their sound. They can also be used for long hours, partly due to the adjustable head band and partly because of the super soft material of the ear pads. At a cost of over $200, these aren’t exactly within everyone’s budget, but then, they aren’t meant to be. Buy these if you want professional sound and unparalleled ease of use.

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